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A Bittersweet End and New Adventures!!!

Just announcing that we are moving into the next chapter of our lives and entering semi-retirement in order to do a little traveling. It has been a wonderful journey with amazing experiences. Our clientele has been so creative and visionary from a Harry Potter wedding to our first and last wedding this year,  a vintage travel themed wedding, Each celebration has been unique and so much fun. We will surely miss it! 

We feel certain that those of you who came to this page to check us out, will be able to find the venue of your dreams for your special day. There are a lot to choose from! 

Our heartfelt thanks to all of those who have trusted us with one of the most important days of their lives. Doing this work has been an honor and a privilege and we will surely miss it. 

Here's to a wonderful life and future travels! May you all have good health, happiness, and adventure all the days of your lives!





Carl & PaulStafford  


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